A Toddler Cannot Be Rude

It is *impossible* for a toddler to be rude.⁠

No matter what.⁠

Why? Simply put, they don’t have the comprehension to be rude. They don’t understand what rude is, or how to avoid it, so they simply can’t. Rudeness can be described as ignoring ‘polite’ societal norms. But if you don’t know those norms exist? You can’t be rude.⁠

Take a toddler who starts screaming for their mother’s attention or help, even though mom is in the middle of a conversation with dad. The kiddo has no idea that their actions would be considered rude, they are simply trying to get their needs met in the best way they know how.⁠

?Toddler pushes to get past you? Not rude.⁠

?Toddler won’t pay attention when you’re talking to them? Not rude.⁠

?Toddler won’t say hello or goodbye to visitors? Not rude.⁠

Now, just because these behaviors aren’t rude, does not mean we need to just blankly accept them. It simply means there is *no room* for shaming the child for these behaviors.⁠

Take these times to instead turn these instances into a learning experience.⁠

??”I see you’d like to get past mommy, instead of pushing me, you could say “excuse me” and I’ll know you would like me to move”⁠

??”I see you’re having trouble listening to what I’m saying, why don’t we put away these toys for just a moment so it will be easier to focus”⁠

??”Would you like to wave or blow a kiss to grandma before she leaves? I know you’re going to miss her lots after she’s gone”⁠

Giving our child grace as they learn the intricacies of social interaction, they deserve it.

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