Lean Into Your Connection

You don’t have to threaten or bribe your toddler to cooperate. You don’t have to force them to say “please” & “thank you” when they really don’t mean or understand it. And you really don’t have to shame or punish your child when they make a mistake.

The biggest cheat code to parenting is simply leaning into the connection you innately have with your child.

Your toddler wants to learn from you.

Your toddler wants to make you happy.

Your toddler wants to behave well.

All we have to do is get out of our own way and let them! Forget everything you were told you “have” to do as a parent. Most of those methods are outdated, ineffective and downright harmful to our kids.

Want to learn how to get your toddler to listen without repeating yourself until you’re blue in the face? Send me a message to get started!

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