Dealing With “Why?”

Are you in the “why?” stage?

You know the one. Where your toddler suddenly has the endless need to know why EVERYTHING happens.

While we all love our littles’ inquisitive minds, there is only so just information we have to share.

It can feel like walking through a minefield trying to derail the stream of “why”. So what if I told you I had a simple one sentence method that is pretty much guaranteed to stop the inquisition in its tracks?

Want to know what it is?

“What do you think?”


Yes it really is that easy! Flip the tables on your little and ask them to answer their own question!

This not only relieves you from trying to figure out a way to explain why they can’t feel their eyeballs, but also lets them exercise their imaginative mind, while encouraging them to critically think about their questions about the world.

So next time you’re stuck in an endless loop of “why, why, why” give this a try, and let me know how it goes!

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