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Hi there, I’M Merrit
and MY COURSE HELPS You parent through the hard years by building connection.

I truly believe our job as parents is the most important thing we can do with our lives. Raising and molding a new human is an enormous privilege, as well as a huge responsibility. My goal is to help make your job easier, while not sacrificing the quality of your parenting impact.

After seeing how much of a positive impact this method had on my motherhood journey, I knew I had to share what I’ve learned with as many mothers as I could. You *can* calm the chaos of toddlerhood while building a deep trusting connection with your child. Let me teach you how!

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Children who need love the most will always ask for it in the most unloving ways.
L.R. Knost
Gentle Parenting Advocate


Hey there! I’m Merrit, a Gentle Parenting coach passionate about helping toddler moms calm the chaos while building connection with their littles. I’m also a wife and mama of two! I love sharing all that I’ve learned on this motherhood journey to help others find the joy in raising their toddlers again.

As far as my background, I have a degree in psychology with a focus on child development, which is where I learned a lot of the child development and mental health information that is so critical for gentle parenting.

But my main reason for becoming so invested in learning everything I can about gentle parenting came from my desire to be the best parent for my children. I have always felt that being a mother was my true purpose in my life, and as an enneagram 5 and self labeled avid researcher, I wanted to know everything I could to give my children the best start possible. I also place a high importance on building a strong and trusting relationship with each of my children.

The more I learned, and then when I experienced first hand all the benefits of implementing Gentle Parenting while raising my daughter, I knew I wanted to help other moms achieve the same ? I know how overwhelming it can be to want a better way of parenting, but not really knowing where to begin.

That’s when Gentle Parenting Littles was born! I started sharing what I learned about this parenting style on social media, and eventually compiled everything I know into an all-inclusive digital course and coaching program. I hope GPL can help you achieve all your parenting goals, and become the mom of your dreams!

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